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Etsy is Giving Away Gift Cards!

With the new school year approaching, wouldn’t it be wonderful to win a $250 Gift Card from Etsy to stock up on some unique handmade items to go back to school in style!

Super easy to win – just sign up with this link!!

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Framed Tufted Headboard Tutorial

First, a story:

It all started with a flea market. My husband and I got up early one brisk Sunday morning to hunt out cool vintage items for our home when we came upon a gorgeous purple velvet tufted headboard with an intricate wood carved frame. We knew immediately we had to have it so we haggled for a bit, agreed on a price and we brought it home. I mean, just look at how amazing it was:

After completely … [ Continue reading ]

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And the Winners are…

Yes, that’s right I said winners (plural)! There were so many great entries it was hard to pick just one, so there is a winner for the Ninja Squirrel and a winner for the Punk Rock Birds and each will get a tee with the design on it! Thank you so much to everyone who entered!

So without further ado, congratulations to:

Teen LaQuifa for Acorn Assasin!


Lex for Rock out with your flock out!

Theses designs will be … [ Continue reading ]

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T-Shirt Caption Contest!

Hey there fabulous folks! If you haven’t seen or heard already, Fabulously Fierce is now offering awesome embroidered hoodies and tees on the website!

How cute is this tee?!

This is a very exciting development and I am super stoked for the new line. In honor of this launch I thought it would be fun to host a t-shirt caption contest! The winning caption will be offered as a design in the shop with the winner walking away with their … [ Continue reading ]

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Vegan Themed Kitchen Towels!

I’ve been running my home decor shop for a few years now and recently decided that it was lacking in vegan pride items. So this week I fired up the embroidery machine and churned out a few of the ideas I had spinning in my little head (there are more in the works)!

All of these designs can be color customized and done on whatever kitchen towels I have available. I think they came out pretty cute and they’re a … [ Continue reading ]

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Mythbuster: Handmade is NOT Synonymous with Grandma!!

Admit it, so many of you out there automatically think “crocheted toaster cozy” or “knitted doily” when you hear the term handmade. I have to say, growing up, whenever my mom would utter “we can make that” I would cringe and imagine the horribly ridiculous concoction that would arise out of that statement (sorry mom!). I held on to the idea for a long time that handmade must equal something you would find in the corner of your grandmother’s home … [ Continue reading ]

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Fierce Decorating Lesson #2: Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Color is your friend, it’s not something to be feared when it comes to decorating. I’ve been in quite a few homes where the walls are stark white, the carpet is tan and all the furniture is in neutral colors. If this is your style and what you enjoy that is completely fine, but a lot of times people are “scared” of bringing color into their homes. Not in the om-my-god-I-think-the-red-walls-are-gonna-come-to-life-and-eat-me kind of way, but more in the not knowing … [ Continue reading ]

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Fierce Decorating, Lesson 1: Find A Focal Point

My first decorating tip is a fairly simple one: make a theme in the space you are working with by using something you find beautiful as your focal point and working outward from there. It could be anything from a throw blanket with a design you love to a painting by your favorite artist to something as simple as a small vase. For example, I am in love with this lamp I made using one of my all-time favorite fabrics … [ Continue reading ]

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